Who me

Hi there and welcome to my ATC blog.

The sidekicks hanging on my drawing desk.

The sidekicks hanging on my drawing desk.

I discovered the world of ATCs back in 2005 when I was doing other sorts of mail art and stumbled upon these cute little artist trading cards. The idea of them was very attractive to me and I fell in love. This is also my way of trying to improve my skills in drawing and painting. I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid. I love animals as you might see from my art.

I mostly use watercolor and fineliners. I hated watercolor in past but over the years have learned to love them. I sometimes use also watersoluble pencils and the newest purchase is a set of soft pastels. Those are still waiting for their moment because those pastel sticks mess a lot!

My resume says I have a degree in Bachelor of Design but for a living I’m a plain factory worker. I live with my husband in Finland (Northern Savonia). I have pretty much always had pets and at the moment we have an old lop eared bunny, he is a cute little gentleman.

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