Livetapaaminen Kuopiossa

Kiitos kaikille, jotka osallistuivat tänään iltapäivällä atc-tapaamiseen. Oli mukavaa päästä höpöttämään aiheesta suomeksi ja vaihtamaan kortteja kasvotusten, kuten ne on alun perin tarkoitettu vaihdettaviksi. Inspiroiva tapaaminen, aion kokeilla kynsiäni kollaasitöiden parissa. Seuraavaa tapaamista odottelen jo innostuneena.


We had a lovely  atc meeting in Eastern Finland today. It was very inspiring and I hope we’ll meet again soon. And you folks in other countries you are most welcome in next time. If we can’t go to Portland*, Portland must come to us.  ;D

*Making an allusion to AFA meeting in Portland this year.


These are couple old felted pieces I’ve made. The german shepherd was a present for a friend. Shepherd is made with needle felting and I made the teddys details with felt needle also. I love felting but for some reason I haven’t touched in wool in almost a year. Maybe I could do some woolly Christmas presents.

Now that I mentioned Christmas I have to tell that while searching some other things from a closet I found a crafting kit, which I got as a present one year. It has parts for your very own decorative Xmas elf. I have to say it looks kind of silly, not my cup of tea so to speak. I hate throwing things away, particularly when it’s a gift from someone. That made me thinking how I could use the kit and realized painting the elf’s face would change a lot. I haven’t started the project yet but I will post about it later.

Cut, cut, cut

Measuring and cutting is the boring part of making ATCs. When cutting by hand you end up having not so straight card edges but luckily I didn’t make any big mistakes with my scissors. Now I’ve got a pile of freshly cut blanks waiting to be filled with pens and paints. I’ve done a bunch of new cards and filled pages from my junque journal. After seeing amazing art journals at AFA I feel the need of making one myself. I’ve tried that before but never got an art journal finished. That is so me, start a new art project with enthusiasm but loose interest after awhile and incomplete project ends up to a drawer.